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All participants must sign our waiver form. All volunteers under the age of 18 will need a waiver form signed by their parent or guardian to participate in the cleanup. This includes school and church groups, and boy scout and girl scout troops. Forms are available for download below and at cleanup sites on Coastal Cleanup Day.

Please download and sign the Volunteer Waiver.


Coastal Cleanup Day is an effective, and rewarding opportunity to give something back to our community and the environment by spending just three hours of your morning picking up trash while enjoying a local park or beach. You can make your contribution even greater and cut down on the trash created at the Cleanup by bringing your own reusable supplies (water bottle, gardening gloves, trash bucket etc.). Safety is our first priority for any beach cleanup, so wear a hat, sunscreen, gloves, and closed-toe shoes and come on out to one of our approximately 20 Cleanup sites in Ventura County.

The mission of Coastal Cleanup Day is to engage people to remove debris from our beaches and waterways; to identify the sources of marine debris; and ultimately to change the behaviors that cause pollution.

Garbage can come from our homes, walkways, and streets, and travels through storm drains or other channels to reach the sea. Without the help of amazing
volunteers like you, most of the debris collected would ultimately end up polluting our waterways, contaminating soil, damaging fragile marine ecosystems and endangering marine life. Please volunteer for the next Coastal Cleanup Day on SEPTEMBER 16, 2017. 

MomDaughtre_CleanupInformation on Coastal Cleanup Day 2016: Coastal Cleanup Day 2016 marked the 32nd anniversary of what was another successful event in Ventura County. Over 2,700 volunteers cleaned up 44 miles of beaches and inland waterways, removing 10,186 pounds of trash and recyclables! Statewide in 2016, more than 59,000 volunteers collected more than 710,781 pounds of debris. It was the largest California Cleanup – geographically- ever held, with more than 900 sites located in 54 California Counties.

In addition, CCD is part of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), which in 2016 included over 504,000 volunteers in 112 countries, collecting more than 18 million pounds of trash and covering enough miles of coastline to walk around the the moon twice. ICC and CCD is not just a cleanup, it’s citizen science. Over the last 30 years, more than 225 million items of trash have been logged and removed from out beaches and waterways.

See the results and read more about ICC 2016 here.中尾アルミ製作所 ニューキング アルミ 極厚 料理鍋 60cm 3018300【smtb-u】
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